December 16, 2008

Getting something out of my chest

WARNING do not read this if you are squeamish or small literate children are present. I went in for another biopsy on Monday morning. The head doctor came in to do the procedure. I was all prepped with morphine and rolled over on the bed to begin when he said "no lie flat we are going to do it on your sternum." Yikes! needless to say I kept my eyes shut tight and did a lot of heavy breathing. He took two large vials full of bone marrow out- I peeked after it was done. Now I know what it means and feels like when someone says, "that sucked the life right out of me" It felt like an elephant sat on my chest the rest of the evening. The results of the test are being used for a clinical study-my donation to science since I don't plan on having my body plastisized and displayed for Body World!

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