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Wow how time flies when you are racing down the highway of life, motherhood, and  multiple myeloma!   Life seemed to be cruising along quite well as I enjoyed the end of chemo treatment for now, and the beginning of school.  To be honest it was really nice to send the kids back to school and have a little more peace and quiet at home to rest and recover from treatments.         Summer turned into fall as our family became consumed with sixth grade, ninth grade, and football, football, football.  It has been good to get back into a routine, although I still struggle with the getting even the basics(cleaning, cooking, laundry) done around the house some days.  I am told it will take a good six months or more to regain my energy and get the chemo out of my system.        This fall my husband coached my youngest son's little league football team.  They had a great time and took things pretty seriously; winning most of their games.        My fifteen yr. old son played on the high sc