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My Report Card

         Going on a "Dog Walk" with Trent and Spencer. (I walk they run) Last week I went to Huntsman for tests.  Labs, a PET/CT scan and a bone marrow biopsy.  I must be getting better at this.  It all seemed very routine.  I felt little anxiety and even the biopsy was easier. I guess this is a good thing since I will be having these, hopefully at much longer intervals, for the rest of my life.   On Tuesday we met with Dr. Tricot to go over all the results.         My numbers are good. I pour over the lab reports trying to understand what each of the results mean.  This is a huge and overwhelming task for me in my "Chemo foggy" brain.  but I guess it is a good mental exercise.  I borrowed some of the analogy's from several other cancer blogs.  (I hope they don't mind.) Here are a few of the lab test results compared to when I was diagnosed.  I was sure one “sick puppy” when I was diagnosed.  It is amazing looking back that I was as sick and tired as

Taking it One Day at a Time

Everyday is an adventure. Will this be a good day when I have some energy and can function as a wife and mother? Or will this be a day to go easy on myself and strive to endure until things improve? I am in my 6th cycle of Chemo. Velcade, Dex and Thalidomide. Half way if I can stand it. I have been trying to track a pattern as to what days I can expect to feel good. It seems to be somewhat erratic lately. My Doctor thinks it might be my bodies reaction as I come off the steroid the days following chemo. I am going to try a gradual let down and approach and see if that might prevent the big crashes and pain I have been dealing with. Cross your fingers. The crashes are not fun! My husband has to convince me that I can do this when I start thinking about just quitting the rest of treatment. He reminds me to take it one day at a time. Wow have I got a lot to learn.. but cancer is a very patient teacher and my perspectives of many things have changed and deepened. So I am con