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It's all in the Perspective

On my way to the hospital for my chemo and infusion parties, I drive past this sign.  It always makes me smile. Are the Dog's bones smoked or the Bones for the dogs smoked??? I guess a lot of times how we view our experiences in life are determined by our perspective at that moment.  Going through this roller coaster of treatments over the last year and half  I have realized how huge cancer and the weapons used to fight it, affect the body, the mind, the spirit, and the emotions.  What you think affects how you feel, and what you feel physically affects how you think.  Your perspective has a huge impact on the rest of you.     Sometimes when I read the sign on the road, I just feel like stopping in for a tasty snack for my dogs.  At other times I can read the sign  and think of holding on to my dogs tight before they are caught by the mean butcher who is turning innocent dogs into tasty treats.  Okay it also makes me smile. What I'm trying to say is all of us have challenges