December 12, 2008

I am thankful!

I haven't mentioned my family yet-It is still really emotional, however I just wanted to say that I am thankful for: Tyler, 22, my oldest son-for his strength and positive attitude His wife Dani, 21(almost) for her willingness to step up to the plate with preschool and just becoming part of this crazy family. Mallory, 19,-for taking care of so many of the things I can't. Santa couldn't do it without her this year! Jace, 17 (almost)-for being such a great teenager who is always keeping me entertained with his enthusiasm for life. Trent, 13-for making me happy with his quick wit and his talent for whistling around the house. Spencer 10-for his easygoing personality and his hundred hugs a day. and most importantly my husband Joe for his compassion and his unconditional love. Someday I will be able to write more about my family, but for now they are what keeps me going and helps me to realize what is really important can last forever.


Patti Hollenbeck-Dial said...

Family is most important for sure. My wonderful friends kept me going as well. (For those late night times and if you are feeling nauseous from the chemo - I always took a sandwich bag of cut up apple to bed with me to munch on in the middle of the night - that and Schweppe's ginger ale :) I appreciate you letting me follow your journey!

Mel and Angus said...

You do have an awesome family. I know they will step up to the plate and do what has to be done. You are such a great lady. I hate to think that you have to go through all this but you can do it. Won't be fun that's for sure, but you have such a wonderful spirit about you and I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are aware of you and your family and They will bless you on this journey. Lean on Them first and foremost, and then lean on your neighbors and friends. We are all so willing to help. We love you guys!

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