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Mat Talk

Lest you think our family is obsessed with all things martial arts, I wanted to share something else we are involved in.                                 WRESTLING (Trent, my 112 lb. 9th grade wrestler with the yellow shoes)    Joe started his career as a teacher and high school wrestling coach.  He coached for ten years and has been involved with community wrestling since then.   When our first son was about two years old, he used to put all of his stuffed animals in a pile and run around them yelling, "two points! two points." (Trent and Tyler. Brothers talking strategy) Well, twenty-three years and four sons later, wrestling continues to play a big part in our lives.  All of our sons have been quite successful in the sport.  Jace and Trent who took 5th in State!! We just finished the official wrestling season last week.  We spent two days at the Utah 4A State tournament cheering for our high school team an d supporting my freshman son.    I feel so blessed t