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 JUST BREATHE  Last Monday was my six-month check-up at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.   I do a lot of breathing that day.       I take my first breath as I step on the scales to be weighed and measured.   You’d think I would get used to this, but I’m still always hoping for a lower number. I take a deep breath as the “double lumen” port in my chest is accessed and 12 vials of blood are drawn and then another breath when the nurse has to take two more vials from my arm.    It is a good thing I have never been upset by the sight of blood.   This trait has come in handy over the last three years. After the bandage is applied, I am led down the hall to a small examining room.   I sit on the bed and answer the questions from the Physicians Assistant who will be performing a biopsy.   I know the procedure well.   I think this is my eleventh time.   I am usually not too anxious until the actual procedure begins.     An IV of a small amount of morphine is administered through my port

Please pass the Catch-up

Hellooo, I'm back.  I have stopped and started several posts over the past few months.  I could say I have had writers block but my reasons for not writing have not been from a lack of what to write but rather from feeling overwhelmed with having too many things to write about .  Here are a few summaries of some of those possible posts to catch up. Uncle Spencer 13, with Tabi, 16 months       December: a change in meds had me experiencing extreme side effects of depression for several days.  I now understand what that black hole feels like and have gained new empathy for those who struggle with depression.  I feel much better now!     Elder Kelly with a family in Puerto Rico Christmas: I had a wonderful Christmas.  My two favorite gifts inluded a phone call and skype with my son on an LDS mission in Puerto Rico...  and receiving the announcement that my son and his wife are expecting their second child. I am going to get another grandbaby next summer! Tabi preparing to b