October 29, 2016

Eight Years!

 It has been eight years ago today since I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.
October 29,  2008 will forever be etched in my memory as the day that changed the course of my life. 
    On the one hand, it was as if a bomb had exploded, taking away my health, shredding my future, and destroying my hope.  But on the other hand this is the day that my journey began, and I cannot erase the dark painful days without giving up  the miracles and blessings that have come about while climbing this Myeloma Mountain.
     It has been eight years!  Four years longer than my first prognosis.  
    I am healthy and strong!  My lab results show no signs of Myeloma.  Is it gone?  Will it come back? I don't know.  But I am going to ride this wave as long as possible and maybe mm won't crash back into my life again.  I can't ask the "what if's" anymore.  Instead today is a time to reflect and share some of the miracles and blessings I have received during this journey.
Spending time with my family in
Star Valley, Wyoming
(7 new family members since diagnosis,
and a new daughter in law, and a
grand baby--both coming in May.)

Spencer, my youngest, just starting his
 Senior year of High School!
He was 10 when I was diagnosed:(
Trent and Lys are getting married in May.
Aren't they cute!
These kids are my amazing, wonderful,
crazy grandchildren!
(Eight years ago I wondered if I would
ever get to be a grandmother. )

 I started back up in Martial Arts.
It took a while for my body and brain
 to get back in shape!
My son Tyler and I after my
 senior brown test.
I have slacked off the last
several months
I got a teaching job!
After graduating 25 years
 ago in
Family and Consumer Science
I finally get to teach!
I am teaching
7th, 8th, and 9th grade.
 I am loving it.
Besides Junior High Kids can't scare me, I've had cancer!

March 13, 2016

This is what I believe!

To my father, my brother, my mother-in-law, my grandparents, and many other family members and friends.  This is what I believe!

Fourteenth Year Cancerversary

              My husband and I at my 40th High School Reunion.                                                    Am I seriously that old?! ...