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One thousand and ninty five days ago today, we found out that I had cancer.  The doctor said it was Multiple Myeloma. " Multiple what?"      "It's a bone cancer," he replied and the rest is history....... Well it has been three years since that dark day.  I can't remember the name of the doctor, where his office was, or what he looked like.  I never went back to him because he was not an oncologist.  I can't remember what I wore, or ate, but some of the smallest details still stick in my brain.  "Could you please write down the name of the cancer for me?"  I asked.  He tried to explain more to Joe. I remember none of the conversation.  The memories of the day have stopped and started a million times over in my head through the last three years. I think it is time now to decide exactly what to do with this day. I need to decide if I should even remember it, honor it, or rip it off my calendar and tear it into a million tiny pieces never to

Still Climbing

My hopes for a steady recovery after finishing treatment in August were postponed for a while.  September started off great.  Tabitha turned one.  We had a birthday party at the park.  Tabi was the entertainment as we watched her enjoy her very own birthday cake.   My little grandaughter is now toddling(walking) around the house and keeping her teenage uncles busy keeping her out of trouble as she explores our home.  What sunshine she brings to my life! Mid September brought some challenges that had me sliding down this mountain I've been climbing.  I even had to put on my extra bracelet for the climb.                  I've explained about my "couragelet" before but can't find the post.                                                ( ker-age-lets, yes I made up that word!)   I was given my first "couragelet by a Peruvian woman in a village where I was staying with my daughter.  We spent two weeks in Peru with a humanitarian project.   I wore  the bracele