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Sweet Sacrifice

Yesterday, March 23, 2011 was one of those "big red letters days on my calendar."  Our son began  two years of service as a mormon missionary.  What a beautiful, happy, sad, and bittersweet day.  We dropped him off at a mission training center.  He will be there for three weeks.  Then he will fly to the Dominican Republic where he will receive more training in the spanish language as well as religious education.  After that he will begin his service in Puerto Rico.    I'm sure all parents can relate how this feels to watch your child leave your home and walk into their future.   I question myself.  Have I done enough?  Have I taught him all he needs to know?  Will he be able to live independently and live on more that Macaroni and Cheese?  My mind has been  reeling with a thousand questions, but my heart has been calm.    I have felt so many "sweet whisperings," from heaven as I have watched my son decide and prepare for this mission.  Prepare to share the mes

Laffi Tabi

My silly grand-daughter. Sorry it's sideways. I'm still learning how to do this. There is nothing like a little laughter especially from a baby to make the world a brighter place.