April 15, 2010


I don't have time for cancer. 
(Actually my husband reminds me that I don't have active cancer-
it's in remission so I will re-phrase that... )   
  The treatments I am undergoing are terribly inconvenient right now.
I simply do not have time to be sick. 
 The lives of my children and the exciting things
 happening in my family distract me from
 dwelling on the incredibly steep mountain that I have been climbing
The school projects, 
wrestling practices,
tournaments,  and 
School activities.
The family business,...
and plans for the future keep me too busy to dwell too much on the never-ending cycle of chemotherapy and fatigue, steroid bursts of energy followed by draining crashes, and exhausting side effects. 
  I used to feel sorry for myself that I had to get a rare 
cancer usually found in older men.  
That I had to deal with all of this while still raising a family.  
Now I am realizing that my situation actually  
helps me to fight harder,  
to strive to be an active part of my husband and children's lives, and to find joy in the simple day to day routines.  
   No matter how tired I am there are still people who need my attention and I need them.
So here is a peek at my life... as I look forward to some "peak" celebrations in my life!
Jace graduates from High School!                             Mallory is getting married in June!
and my son Tyler and his wife Dani are expecting their first baby..... and I am going to be a grandmother!!
I don't have time for cancer.  I am going through these treatments so I have time for life!

Fourteenth Year Cancerversary

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