September 08, 2010

The Miracle of Life

I touched heaven today.

I touched the tenderness, the purity, and the innocence in the soft skin, chubby cheeks, and wondering eyes of a baby fresh from heaven.

I witnessed the strongest bonds of all that exist.

The love of a family.

The love of a mother, a father, and a child.

A new chain connects generations into eternity. I am a link in that chain. I can connect generations into the past. My own parents and grandparents. I link the future with my son, his wife, and now with the precious gift of a child.

I am so filled with gratitude and humility for this gift that the world received today as another baby entered offering hope and pure love for the future.

And I became a grandmother.

I rejoice at this blessing a kind and loving Heavenly Father has given me. Allowing me to witness, hold, and cherish one of the countless miracles in my life.

P.S. It's a girl! One day old Tabitha

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