January 08, 2009

The calm before the next storm.

I have been feeling pretty good the last few days. I think I finally have all the chemo out of my body. And it doesn't hurt that I am on steriods for four days twice a month. No they don't make me turn green or get huge muscles! but they do give me some energy. So I am at a fast shuffle now. I have more tests next week, then I see my Dr. Thursday and start the next round of Chemo on Friday. Time to start psyching myself up!


Unknown said...

Love your smile!!! you're a good example of faith and to be strong in this hard trail. thanks for sharing this with all of us. Antonino Family

Rochelle said...

I love reading your blog. Despite your trials in life you are still so positive. It reminds me that little bumps in the road are just that.

staceytkelly said...

Hi Kris,
Well after two other attempts at leaving a comment I finally did it. I guess I created one a long time ago and I couldn't remember my pass word. I hate to admit it but I got frustrated and gave up the last time I tried. I am sooooo technology phobic. (I'm scared of the dentist too:) Okay that was random. Just want to let you know I'm thinking of you and love to read your blog. You are an amazing big sis!!! I'll call you tomorrow. Love Stacey
p.s. you gotta love the vampire thing.
p.s.s. I'd love to give you my hair, lets figure out a way for you to have it.

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