December 20, 2008

Top of the Hill

I made it over the first hurdle. I finished D-Pace today. No more backpack attached to me! I completed the first round of four days of 24 hr. chemo. I seemed to do pretty good. I am now preparing for the stem cell harvest. Tomorrow I will go in for a shot to entice the stem cells to "come out and play" in the blood stream and then over the next week my blood counts will be checked often to find when it is time to begin harvesting. Modern Medicine is such a miracle. I am so blessed to have access to all of this medical information. I have my own team of doctors, amazing nurses, pharmacists, physicians assistants, and my angel parents who are caring for me. This first phase is really just more of a "hill" then a mountain. As the days go by my immunities will continue to decrease, but I have to stay focused on just taking it one day at time. The biggest challenge right now is much more emotional. I was able to see some of my family today, but I won't get to see all of them til they come up to my parents on Christmas day. My heart definitely hurts far worse than my body. I have a great family and they are strong. We can do this with the help of wonderful friends, family and the Lord who is always there! Prince, Jolin, and Celeste are the friendly experts at taking blood for labs. I see them several times a week right not. Thanks my Vampire Friends


Beth said...

Hang in there Kris! I'm glad you got to see Joe this weekend, hopefully Jace too. I'm glad you're feeling ok so far and not too sick with the chemo. You are in our prayers, we love you!

The Razz Fam said...

Kris, I hope you are feeling the love of our savior as you prepare for the rest of this 'medical' journey. I have a personal testimony of our heavenly fathers love for those dealing with cancer. My own father is now in his 4th year of remission and I know it is because of our families faith and belief in our savior that has allowed his health and life to continue. I pray for you and your well being, as well as your darling family. May you feel his love this Christmas season and I as I have come to adpot as my personal motto, from Elder Wirthlin, Come What May, And Love it. I hope you can make Attitude be the difference and you can do this! Love, Amy Rasmussen

Rochelle said...

Your family is in my thoughts. Hope you are feeling well and have a great Christmas!

MsLizPedro said...

Kris - You are such an inspiration! Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Plesae let us know if you need ANYTHING! - Love the Pedros

The Barkers said...


Thanks for your upbeat attitude about all of this. I'm sure that it's the toughest thing you and your family have ever had to go though, but you're always finding the good in it. I have to admit, I got choked up reading all of your posts. Thanks for the great spirit you have about yourself. It radiates even through the words you share about your experience. That scripture, by the way, is one of my favorites. I think it goes right along with Ether 12:27. (Another favorite) Please know that you, you're family, and your doctors, are in our prayers. Please let us know if there's anything that we can do for you guys. If there's anyone that can get through this, it's Kris Kelly. Good Luck and we hope you have a great Holiday season!

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