December 12, 2008

Getting Something off my Chest

Okay well it's the middle of the night and I am wide awake. That is when I do my best and also my worst thinking. So until my wonder drugs kick in, I will get caught up on this blog. Monday I had the central line put in my chest. It was very strange. They only sedate you half way. So I couldn't feel anything put could hear the doctor and nurses talking. I was in the twilight zone! I have a big bandage covering half my chest that I have to keep on for a week. It is not supposed to get wet. Tuesday I had to figure out how to have a shower. I put a big patch of saran wrap over it and then had to figure out how to keep it on. Well the Kellys are known for their expertise with duct tape, so I grabbed the roll and taped myself up. Definitely a fashion statement! I now know I have missed my true calling in life as a fashion designer.


Jessica said...

I'm very impressed! I probably wouldn't have showered for a week..

Kara P said...

Too bad you can't post that pic! I think the saran-wrap/duct-tape bathing suit will be a big hit in all the stores this coming spring!
Thanks for sharing your humor along with all the stress. THAT is why you WILL move this mountain.

Andy and Robyn said...

It TOTALLY made me laugh when I was reading about you in the shower with saran wrap and duct tape. It made me remember when your bathroom door was having "issues" - I can't remember exactly what the issues were, just that the door was "jimmy rigged" together - and I think there was in fact duct tape involved!! Some things never change!! :) Good luck!!

Kristine said...

A nurse told me how to solve my predicament. Use Glad Press and seal. It sticks to your body. It really works. This may come in handy for all of you sometime. Thought I would share.

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