July 31, 2011


"Little Miss Tabitha."  
My sweet  grandaughter is almost eleven months old.  She brings so much joy into my life.
     Tabi is walking around furniture and starting to say a few words.  Last week I  moved one of her toys and she said, "no, no no!"  She gives her doll "loves,"  laughs at my dogs, and loves to read books.  I am so glad she lives nearby.
     Tabi is the center of attention.  When our family gathers, she sits on her blanket and plays with her toys and we circle around her and watch in amazement and awe.  I love being a grandmother!

And now for those living in my area...I am renting out my preschool building and supplies.  Please help me spread the word.  Ghttp://www.facebook.com/?ref=homeo here for more information.


Linda said...

Kris, she is adorable and I can see why she is irresistable! I too love being a grandmother...what joy it brings to our lives. Hope you are feeling well!

Beth said...

Absolutely darling!! I can't wait until I get one!

Anonymous said...

Owww, I was doing to say adorable but Linda has already snaffled it! She's frillily gorgeous! :D

vivian said...

Kris, she is so cute, not doubt in my mind she is the center of attention, you guys are so lucky

Anonymous said...

TOO CUTE. She looks like a flower! So great being around kids. Always reminding us to live in the moment.

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