July 20, 2011

Moments that Matter

One of the first moments I remember as a four year child was swinging on the swing set in our back yard. I was wearing a white dress with blue flowers and a big blue collar. As I went back and forth i sang with all my heart a song I made up about how much Jesus loves us. This must have been a moment that really mattered in my life to have remembered it for so many years. I love this message and I'm sure you will.


Sandy said...

As little children we believe and KNOW that Jesus loves us and as we grow and are influenced by many sources around us we begin to doubt our love-ability by Jesus as well as others... it is so important to stay in touch with the child within who stills KNOWS that love of Jesus and can reassure the grown-up we are still very loveable. Thanks for the reminder!!

Lori Puente said...

Beautiful Karen! I just loved this!

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