November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday#3

I'm thankful for yellow school buses, wide open spaces, dogs and cats, and chickens and fresh eggs.  Cows and horses in my country views. Living in a "smallish" town.  The four seasons that change just when you tire of one.  Holidays and Sundays afternoons. Family dinners. Busy boys.  A soft bed and a good nap.  The security of employment and insurance (but not the red tape and co-pays!) Homemade bread and simmering stew.  Fresh garden produce and sewing projects.   Family stories and the faith of my ancestors.  Multiple Myeloma specialists and the expertise of my local oncologist.  Kind and friendly nurses.  Lab techs with a light touch and little needles.  Modern medicine and "magical" technology.  My scriptures. A tank full of gas. Clean laundry and my washer and dryer.  My "to do list" all checked off at the end of the day.  People I care about. 
                 I hope I don't take the little things for granted.  I have so much to be grateful for.  May we all make a conscience effort to develop an attitude of gratitude.    

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