May 15, 2009

Preschool Plug

I am starting to think beyond one day at a time and beginning to plan my future. I have put serious thought into my plans for preschool next year. I am told that my immunities as well as my energy level will still remain quite low for another year. So with that information I have made the decision to hire one of my past preschool teachers to run my preschool for me next year.  Hopefully after the new year I may be able to help.  Teresa has taught for me for four years and I have great confidence in her abilities to take this ball and run with it. So If you or anyone you know is interested please let them know. Here is a little information about my program Kris Kelly-/teacher/owner  Certified Teacher-BYU graduate Taught at BYU's Preschool Lab.  Has over 16 years experience teaching  and developing preschool curriculum. Several of her teaching ideas have been published in a national educational  magazine. Loves finding innovative ways to teach young children and seeing them progress as they learn new skills.
Teresa Veater-teacher
Veteran Preschool teacher with over 22 years experience working with preschoolers in the classroom as well as Nebo School District's Transistional Kindergarten program. Her organized yet gentle approach will help your child to gain independence and educational skills for future success.
Country Kids Preschool
is an established preschool in Spanish Fork for the past fourteen years.  We offer a full academic program in a unique preschool setting.  A classroom as well as a large gym area provide many opportunities to educate the whole child.
We offer;
*Developmentally appropriate activities with a hands on approach.
*Small class sizes, 8-10 children per class.
*Thematic units organized to teach basic skills while learning about the world around us.
*Monthly parent newsletter and calendar.
*Alphabet introduction focuses on using all the senses to explore recognize, and remember the letters and sounds.
*Math and number exploration through manipulatives, patterning, sorting, and calendaring.
*Large and fine motor skill practice through games and activities.
Two and three day sessions available
Contact Teresa 801-423-1888
or Kris 801-798-6146  for more info.
(Thanks for letting me share and advertise this important part of my life)


Rochelle said...

I need a preschool for my son Eli. He will be four in July. I am excited to hear that Teresa will be there...sad that you won't, but Teresa is wonderful. I will get in touch with you and get more info. Thanks for letting us know.

Becky said...

Kris, I hope you are soon well enough to teach because I know you love it and the kids love you. I just wanted to let everybody know that I have had both of my sons in Kris's preschool. I'm signing Josh up again for next year (if there's still space!). They both LOVED it! Sammy had Teresa Veater and he loved the cooking class offered in the 3 day program. Teresa is very kind and makes preschool fun, like it should be :).

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