January 25, 2009

Sunday Blessings

On Friday afternoon, I was able to come and spend the weekend with Kris and give her parents some time off. We are go grateful to them and so blessed to have them take care of her at this critial time in her life. Kris is very tired and weak today from the treatments and stem cell transplant. She has asked me to write on her blog and update it for her. A normal persons white cell count is 14 or higher. Yesterday, Kris' was at .14 which means she basically has no immune system. This will continue for the next several days. By this comming Thusday or Friday her white cell count will begin to increase as the stem cells go into her bones and begin to produce white blood cells. This is a very critical and dangerous time for her. We need all off our friends and family to pray extra for Kris this week. Today, as we went to the Huntsman center we passed several homeless people. We discussed how each of us has unique challenges and trials in life. We do not have to look very far to realize our blessings. We have each other and our childern who we love and cherish very much. They are a great light right now in our lives. We also great family members who have supported us in so many ways. The support from our friends has also been overwhelming and awesome. Thanks to everyone who has touched our family by bringing a meal or providing a ride or an act of kindness to our family. Heavenly Father can answer prayers through His agents here on earth. So many of our friends and family have been his messengers and agents for our family. Thank you. Now Kris was well enough to correct me and help edit this entry so she still has some fight in her. This sabbath day we want everyone to know that we have a firm testimony of the gospel and of our Heavenly Fathers plan. We are blessed in so many ways. Love, Joe and Kris


becky said...

kris you are an amazing person and we all love you very much!!! i dont know how your family does it!! you are an inspration to all of my family and we all wish you the best of luck

Becky said...

kris you are an amazing person!!! we love you so much!! since ive known you (since i was 5) you have always been the person who i could look and and say "wow she is awesome and shes so pretty!!!" me and my family hopes for the best of luck!! feel better

Mel and Angus said...

You are truly blessed when you can look at others' trials and still feel blessed going through your own struggles. You guys are a great family. No wonder you have so many people praying for you and doing kind deeds. You have earned them. You are in our prayers.

Jessy and Kurt Antonino!!!! said...

Hi Joe and Kris:
Everything will be ok. How is she doing?

Antonino Family

Rochelle said...

What a beautiful post. I agree. We all have trials in life. Some have more difficult trials than others. I have thought what a great blessing that your parents are there to help care for you. Others might not be so lucky. My neighbor said that her sister in law met you and is going through the same treatment there at Huntsman. I think she said that she has been battling hers for a year? I will keep your family in my prayers.

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