June 24, 2010

In a Nutshell

I just happened to run across this the other day. Dr. Oz explains warning signs of five cancers. The fifth one is Multiple Myeloma. The club I belong to. Here it is "in a nutshell." Enjoy.
P. S. I can't figure out how to cut just the clip I want (anyone want to tell me how:).. so.. if you start at about 3.4 seconds that's where info on Multiple Myeloma starts.
F.Y.I I'm on cycle 10 day 18.
Which is my 4th round of chemo for this month. Two more months to go.
Two more cycles to go.
Nine more rounds of chemo to go
and then it will be time to start enjoying my remission!!
I'm starting to believe that light I see isn't the oncoming train but the light at the end of the tunnel.
Oh and another F.Y.I
I have not broken one bone during this journey so I am feeling pretty good about that.
... and I really need to go to bed but my friendly steroid is keeping my mind racing. Sometimes I fight it and try to sleep and sometimes I just ride the wave until it crashes - usually by the weekend when my energy level drains to almost nothing.
So Farewell and goodnight for now.


Anonymous said...

Well I'll never look at a melon baller in the same light again! :D

Julie said...

Hi Kris- thanks for following my blog! You won't believe this coincidence, but on Tues while in the clinic collecting my stem cells, I saw that clip of Dr Oz talking about MM! Couldn't believe it... then saw your page! wow! the timing of things! Best of luck with all your treatments. Julie :)

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