November 28, 2008

The Plan

This is Dr. Guido Tricot, The head Doctor and Research Director over the Multiple Myeloma Clinic. I put my Trust in him and my Faith in God.
We met with Dr. Tricot at Huntsman on Monday. We were very impressed with him. He said that he treats about 160 patients with multiple myeloma a year compared to most hospitals which treat 5 or 6. His treatment is more agressive, but he also offers hope for a longer remission. So here is the plan. Before I can begin treatments with Huntsman we have to make sure all the insurance issues are covered and authorized. Then I will begin by having a central port put in my chest. which means less pokes in the future. After those two things are done, I will begin four days of chemo. Which will be administered through the port from a backpack. So I guess you could say the backpack I'm using to start climbing this mountain is filled with weapons to fight off the cancer. Not exactly what I had in mind when I spoke of packing a backpack in my previous post! After the first round of chemo there will be about three weeks where my immunities will be very low. Hunstman requires that I stay within 20-30 minutes from the hospital, so I will be staying with my Parents in Centerville. When my blood levels get to a certain point they will begin to harvest my stem cells. These cells are usually located within the bone marrow but the chemo makes them come out into the bloodstream. This first phase of treatment is called D-PACE which is an acronym for the different types of chemo I will be taking. So here are the good things 1. The type of myeloma I have is slow growing. 2. One of the tests they did on the biopsy-from bone and marrow samples shows that there is no genetic damage-which means better chances of a positive outcome with the bone marrow transplant. Here are the not so good things 1. I will most likely not be home for Christmas. 2. a million different fears that constantly run through my mind.


Annalee said...

It sounds like you have the best people helping you. And a plan is always a good thing.

We're constantly praying for you!

Unknown said...

Dear Kris, The plans sound rigerous and of course something you can do with the strong family, friends and most importantly the Lord on your team. I felt strength from the visit with the beautiful, young, brave wife and mother you have become. I'm sorry for the tears but I just felt like the Lord was with you and yours. We are praying for you and Trudy is all concerned but I gave her this blog.
YOU are loved and thought of.
Hello to your brave parents and all

Judy Whiting

Unknown said...

Oh, and the Blog is so you. I love the family picture too.
Love Judy

Beth said...

Kris, we love you and your family. We pray for you daily, and you are always in our thoughts. If anyone can fight this thing, it is you. We are always there for you, and would love to help if there is anything we can do.

the Stone family

Kara P said...

You will definitely move this mountain, Kris! You have excellent access to specialists, a great family, and fantastic faith. Go Get 'Em!!

Our prayers are with you.
Kara Poulsen - Somerset Ward

Becky said...


Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a strong lady and I know you can fight this. If there is ever anything Brian and I can do for you please ask and we'll be there. Sammy & Josh send their love.

Love, Becky Manwaring

Lori Puente said...

Hello Kris,
I'm happy to find someone who has gone to Huntsman! We went to Little Rock the sister clinic. Dr. T is well regarded there and I have heard wonderful things about him.
Now I will have you to refer folks too on the West who are hesitant to travel so far.

Best to you,

Lori Puente
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