November 20, 2008


Before we can move forward, we are looking at our options. Treatment for myeloma includes a stem cell transplant. Only two hospitals in Utah perform this. LDS Hospital and the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Each Hospital or group of doctors has different theories or approaches to treatment. Right now I am in the testing phase. Over the last three weeks I have had an MRI, PET scan, numerous blood tests, a blood infusion, a bone hardening infusion, Pulmonary function tests, EKG, echocardiogram, and 32 vials of blood taken at one time! I have been poked, prodded, and thoroughly examined. One of the Doctors said it's like fighting a war-the more you know about the enemy the better. On Monday we meet with Dr. Guido Tricot one of the nations top specialist in the treatment of multiple myeloma. He transferred from Arkansas to Huntsman a year and a half ago. We are packing our backpacks and getting ready to climb this mountain!

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We have no doubt that you could climb MT Everest! We love you, the Dale Kirkland family.

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