May 27, 2012

Great Views

               The sun has been shining over the past several weeks and
I just wanted to post something a little brighter
than my previous post.
The weather is beautiful and the last few weekends
 have brought our family a chance to work in
our yard and garden.

Even Tabitha helped water the tomatoes.

We planted 300  tomato plants as well as onions, peppers, watermelons,
catalops, beets, peas, radishes,
 beans,raspberries and I'm sure there are more I have forgotten. 
My son-in-law and two sons plan on selling most of the
 produce at the local Farmer's Market.
Kirby and Zoey enjoyed the outdoors too,
Here are a "few good men outstanding in their field."

Trent always works better while listening to a few good tunes
 on his headphones.
See the blue beehive in the background? 
That's the new home of 30,000 bees
 thanks to my son-in-law and
another one of his new hobbies.

Eggs anyone?

What a great life I have!
The views from
 the top
 of my mountain
 are amazing!

I am learning to live joyfully in the moment!


Linda said...

Hi Kris! Realize we haven't heard from you in a couple of months and were wondering how you're doing. From your last post, things were going well and we pray you have just been busy with life.

Jet said...

Hi Kris

You commented on my blog last September and I've been thinking about the people who read and comment and wonder what is happening for them. Not all of them write blogs, but I know you do, so I came to see how you're doing. There are no updates after May 2012, so I hope all is well and like Linda says, that you've just been busy.

Julie said...

Hi Kris... haven't seen a post from you in awhile... please check in and let us all know how you are! Sending love, hugs and support from CA. And all your pictures are so beautiful of your family!!! Julie

Julie said...
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