February 09, 2012

Please pass the Catch-up

Hellooo, I'm back.  I have stopped and started several posts over the past few months.  I could say I have had writers block but my reasons for not writing have not been from a lack of what to write but rather from feeling overwhelmed with having too many things to write about.  Here are a few summaries of some of those possible posts to catch up.
Uncle Spencer 13, with Tabi, 16 months
     December: a change in meds had me experiencing extreme side effects of depression for several days.  I now understand what that black hole feels like and have gained new empathy for those who struggle with depression.  I feel much better now!
Elder Kelly with a family in Puerto Rico
Christmas: I had a wonderful Christmas.  My two favorite gifts inluded a phone call and skype with my son on an LDS mission in Puerto Rico...  and receiving the announcement that my son and his wife are expecting their second child. I am going to get another grandbaby next summer!
Tabi preparing to be a big sister.
 Good food, fun, and lots of family for the holidays.
    January.  Found out I have developed cataracts from the steriod treatments on a Monday.  On Thursday morning I could not be woke up.  When I did finally come around I had lost my hearing!   After spending several hours in the E.R.,  My hearing returned and a MRI found only another sinus and ear infection.    Strange but lucky!
    February  I am finally gaining some energy.  It feels so good to have a little momentum.  I actually deep cleaned my basement!
   Last weekend I had a visit from my cousin  who is in remission with colon cancer.  We spent the weekend talking about cancer, life, and life after cancer.  It was great therapy.  Thanks Jill!

                                                                        So here I am. 
 My body is continuing to heal and recover from cancer and chemo.  It has been a very long and winding road.
 I am learning to keep the past in the past where it belongs.
 I can't keep looking back to the pain over the past three years,  but look back only to find the progress that I have made. 

 I am learning that I have a future that looks pretty bright.  It may not be the way I planned it, but whose really is!  I can move mountains with the help of Him who created them and the love and support of family, friends.  I can move mountains with faith that the Lord has a plan for me!



Alternative cancer treatment said...

Inspirational! I found it very informative and helpful. Continue to inspire many people and I hope you can share more of your thoughts as well regarding Alternative cancer treatments. Thanks.

feresaknit said...

Ohh no, congrats, great and WHAT in whichever order you like. Glad you're feeling better Kris. My sister in law has depression and I must admit when I'm feeling rough I think at least I want to get up and about and enjoy it when I do. warm wishes :D

Rosemary said...

So happy for grand-baby #2! I know it will be years, but I am ready to have some babies around again.

Sandy said...

It's good to hear from you again and know that although you've had a rough patch you are climbing once again... good news about the second grand baby!

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