January 07, 2011

Intense Suspense

 So much has happened over the last few weeks.  We had a great Christmas.  I saved my energy for the important things, and tried to let the little things go without feeling to guilty.  

        My granddaughter Tabitha
 on Christmas Eve.   
      My best Christmas present came a week early when a large envelope came in the mail from “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”  It was addressed to my son.  We knew it would be coming, and gathered all the family and a few friends together as he opened it.  It was a mission call.  Jace has been sent on an LDS mission to  the San Juan, Puerto Rico mission.  He will be leaving March 23rd.  He will be gone for two years! 

My oldest son Tyler holding his daughter. 
(He went on a mission to Guam)
 and Jace reading his mission call. 
 There was some intense suspense!

     This is a blessing and a sacrifice.   To understand more about an LDS mission go here.  
     Jace, as well as our family, are in for an incredible experience.  It will be really hard for me to let him go!  It is a leap of faith for me.  But I know it is the right thing.  He will be sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Puerto Rico. He will be learning spanish. We all have a lot of growing to do in the next couple years.  
    Happy New Year to all, and may good things come your way.

Puerto Rico!



    Mel and Angus said...

    I cannot Believe Jace is old enough to go on a mission! Years ago we spent a week in Puerto Rico and saw quite a bit of the island. We loved it but it was an eye opener. There is a lot of poverty. I am sure Jace will have success with the Lord's most humble.

    We haven't really had many bites on the house, which is what we expected with the market being so slow but you never know.

    It thrills me to see you doing so well! I don't know how you endured such a terrible disease with such grace. Well I do know, but I guess what I am trying to say is it was really hard to watch from the sidelines. I can't imagines being the star player! Love you guys!

    Anonymous said...

    Happy New Year Kris!

    So you son if off to be one of the smartly dressed young men we sometimes see in our town centre. I didn't realise that St Helens compared directly to Puerto Rico or Guam! ;D

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