February 10, 2009

Two steps forward, One step back

It's been two steps forward and one step back the last several days. On Saturday I felt extremely achy, fatigued and developed a fever. We ended up going to the emergency room that evening where I was given some IV antibiotics then sent home. The next morning we headed up to Huntsman, They ran tests and could not find any signs of infection. We decided I needed to stay at my parents for a few days while I grew stronger. I went in today for a Dr. visit feeling much better and was given the clearance once again to go back home. Things could have been much worse and I feel blessed that whatever caused my fever left quickly. So tomorrow I will head back home and attempt once again to regain my health and strength. To take some time to rest and regroup before I start climbing the next mountain in this journey. Thanks Jill for the great quote! " If there is anything good to be said about cancer, anything at all, it is this: the battle to overcome the mental and physical harm being done is the ultimate wake-up call, the ultimate focusing lens, and the final impetus to prioritize life." Johnom


Lorraine M. Davis said...

Glad you are back home. Hope you will regain your strength and energy soon! Your are in our thoughts and prayers.
Peace, Love and Light
Lorraine Davis

Andie said...

I am so glad that they didn't find anything causing your fever and that it didn't last long. Take good care of your self and if there is anything I can do, call me. Your going to do great. I am so glad to be your friend. I missed you at region wrestling this year. I will call you later. Love, Andie

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