December 04, 2009

CAT problems

Several weeks ago we had CAT problems! One evening after going to bed we heard a kitten crying outside the bedroom window. My husband went outside and looked for the kitten. He figured it must have ran off because the mewing had stopped. So we went to sleep til about 11:30pm when it started up again. Luckily my 17yr. old son had just come in and we asked him to see if he could find it. He went downstairs into the bathroom and opened up the window where the kitten was stuck in the window well. As soon as he reached to grab it, The scared kitten jumped out of his hands into the bathroom and down some duct work under the counter that did not have a vent cover on it. " Just great!" now we had a scared kitten running around in the duct work of our basement. My son put some food and water by the hole, shut the door and hoped it would come out in the night. Well it apparently did come out because some of the food was gone, but climbed back in the hole and wandered around-- for two days! We heard it "crying" in another area of the basement-- for two days! We never saw the cat but it did continue to come out for food and water and then quickly went back into the black hole--for two days! Some thing had to be done! The last thing we needed was a dead cat in the heat and duct work. It was time for an "official family meeting" to solve this problem. Several ideas were discussed. We laughed at some of the more outrageous ones. Everyone had an opinion. Finally this is what we came up with. After several attempts it finally worked! A rubbermaid container, a stick, and tuna fish....... And that- my friends- has nothing to do with cancer!!


Mel and Angus said...

That is funny. When we first moved into our house we discovered we had an uncovered vent - we heard Burglar walking around the vents. The metal was popping as he walked around.

Saedi Oldham said...

That was a great story! You guys are so clever to think of that little trap! Thanks for the giggle.

Kim, denese and kd dog said...

kris, isn't it wonderful to think and do "normal' life things, like saving little kitty cats? We celebrated Kim's "Happy Cancer Day" by heading to California in our RV for the the winter. He's on the same maintenance regime you are here in Temecula (thru Huntsman's orders). Gotta love those days 1,4,15 & 18. He seems to have exactly the same side affects you do (try geting some Crock shoes--that seems to help some. He also claims foot rubs help, but I think he just likes them). We walk at least a mile or 2 every day--good to be alive and LIVING these days. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family of caretakers.

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